Fresh Produce

packed with nutrition and never sprayed

Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats

bred for dairy production and conformation

Fresh Eggs

from our organically-kept pastured flock

Show-calibre Satin Rabbits

with a focus on show conformation and production

Fresh Eggs

from our organically-kept pastured flock

Seasonal Produce

Our seasonal offerings of no-spray produce include: transparent apples, pickling cucumbers, sweet corn, carving pumpkins, decorative pumpkins, sugarpie pumpkins, butternut squash, and hubbard squash. Ask us for our current pricelist!

Fresh Eggs

Our hens are fed a certified organic feed and we do not medicate them. They spend their time on our farm roaming happily with plenty of pasture to dig in and eat. This means that our eggs are more nutritious than eggs laid by hens that live in confinement. Eggs that you buy from us contain less cholesterol and saturated fat, more beta carotene, more folic acid, more vitamins A, D, & E, and more omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Eggs are $7/dozen; call/text or email us to arrange pickup from the farm. We do have some delivery options as well.


We select for health, hardiness, temperament, production and physical conformation in all of our breeding stock. We avoid routine deworming and medicating. We are passionate about producing healthy food in an environmentally responsible way.

Why Nigerian Dwarfs?

Nigerian Dwarfs trace their ancestry back to West African origins, but their development for dairy qualities occurred later in Texas and is attributed to two breeders: Kathleen Clapp and Sharla Parker. The breed has seen more rapid development over the last 20 or so years and Nigerians have become known for their dairy qualities, friendly personality, and colourful coats (NDGA 2017). We chose Nigerian Dwarfs because of these breed traits. Our small children enjoy the sweet rich milk that is higher in butterfat content than other breeds. We appreciate the small size and gentle personalities of the goats around our little kids and the children of friends and family that we often have visiting. Their attractive array of coat colours make for many surprises at kidding time and the goats make wonderful pets as does and wethers.

Meet Our Nigerian Dwarfs

We are focused on breeding our registered Nigerian Dwarf goats for strong dairy character, conformation and production. We are carefully building our foundation herd with individuals bred by top Canadian breeders and descended from US imports. Our goats come from disease-tested herds, are free of CL abcesses and are tested CAE and Johne’s negative since 2016.

Wonderland GJ Landslider

Slider is a handsome chamoisee buck with a great dairy lineage. He is out of Stormwatcher My Charlotte (Reserve Champion ND Senior Doe at North Thompson Fall Fair 2016) to US import Cammana OMF Gold Jackpot. Charlotte’s sire is US import Odds Are D Mighty Midas. With strong US breeding on both sides of his pedigree and a great top line and rump length, we have high hopes for Wonderland Landslider and look forward to seeing his first kids on the ground in 2018!

Outlaw’s Blue Taffy

This gorgeous buckskin girl is the star of our spring 2018 kidding lineup! With a lineage of friendly goats Taffy comes by her sweet and easy-to-handle personality honestly. She really is a natural for home dairy production; never even needing to be trained to the milking stand! She has good size, angulation, great foreudder attachments and udder floor, and good sized teats and orifices with quick milk let-down. With US sire Camanna FS Sudden Impulse known for milk production, she is moonspotted, polled and blue-eyed and she is sure to be the whole package!

Linwood Hailey’s Comet

Hailey is our herd queen bee and character goat. This social girl is always getting into mischief and is a favourite with our children. She is a smaller-statured girl with blue eyes and good depth of body and rump width and she throws longer-legged daughters. She has a strong dairy lineage.

Happy Hoof Acres Dixie

Dixie was always a shy girl but she came into her own with her first kidding and is a fantastic mother. She has nice length and depth of body and produced 2 1/2 cups on a 12-hour fill for us every morning as a first freshener. Dixie is a cou clair with blue eyes.

Lil Bit Country Southern Dawn

We are thrilled to have a Thistle Creek Ruby Tuesday girl in our herd and wait for her first freshening with great anticipation. Ruby’s girls are known for great milking temperament, udder conformation, and capacity. Her US imported sire is no slouch either; Camanna’s CIB Hennessy has a great dairy lineage. This girl is one to watch!

van H’s Will-o’-Wisp

Willow is a pretty jet-black blue-eyed girl with good body length and rump width. She has inherited her sire, Linwood SI Whiskey’s, excellent topline and hopefully his strong milking lineage as well! Her dam, our Happy Hoof Acres Dixie, was a productive first freshener and we expect this little gal will have good capacity as well.

Nigerian Dwarf Availability & Sales Policy

2019 Kiddings

Our 2018 kidding season has come to a close and all available kids have been reserved. We are formulating our fall breeding schedule for late October and early November 2018 and our 2019 kidding season will begin in March! Check back for updates or email us for more information! Sign up for our waitlist and to be notified when we have goats available that match your criteria.

Elfin Acres NB Flatline Outlaw’s Blue Taffy
Wonderland GJ Landslider Linwood Hailey’s Comet
Wonderland GJ Landslider Happy Hoof Acres Dixie
Elfin Acres NB Flatline Lil Bit Country Southern Dawn
Wonderland GJ Landslider Lil Bit Country Cyndi Lou

Please subscribe to our waitlist to be notified of Nigerian Dwarf goats when they become available. We will no longer be accepting reservations prior to kiddings, but rather we will advertise goats as they become available. By filling out this registration form you will help us make the best possible match for future owner and goat so please fill it out as fully as you can!

Subscribe to our waitlist for Nigerian Dwarf goats

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We are no longer accepting reservations for unborn stock. For the 2019 kidding season we will be advertising goats as they become available so that we can make the best possible fit to what you are looking for. Please subscribe to our waitlist to be notified of available goats.

Available goats can be reserved with a deposit of 50% of the purchase price. Bucklings and wethers are ready to go home with you at eight weeks of age and doelings will be let go when they are twelve weeks old. Goats should be picked up promptly.

Our prices are as follows: $500-$700 for registered doelings, bucklings, mature does, and mature bucks and $300 for wethers. Your purchase of a goat kid from us includes registration with the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation and tattoos (for bucklings and doelings), disbudding, and vaccination for Clostridium Perfringens Types C&D and Tetanus.

We do not offer a health guarantee on goats beyond guaranteeing that they are of sound health upon leaving our farm. We do not guarantee that kids will not develop scurs after disbudding.

Payments can be made by cash or e-transfer.

Satin Rabbits

The Perfect Breed for Backyard Production

We raise show-calibre Satin rabbits in black, blue, broken, chocolate, and otter. We have been raising these jewel-like rabbits for over 18 years and find them to be the perfect fit for backyard show and meat production. Satins have calm personalities, good mothering instincts, hardiness, and a beautiful and unique sheen to their fur. Unlike most of the other commercially-typed breeds, they come in a vibrant array of varieties and your nestboxes can be a rainbow of colour! Show-calibre Satins bred to the American Rabbit Breeders Association’s Standard of Perfection have medium bone and excellent feed conversion efficiency, carcass quality, and meat-to-bone ratio. With all of these qualities and a luxurious coat of fur unlike any other commercial breed, we can’t think of a better breed of rabbit to raise on our homestead.

American Satin Rabbit Breeders AssociationAmerican Rabbit Breeders Association

Peek Into The Rabbitry

What’s Happening In The Rabbitry?

Current Litters
The Satin Hutch Zack The Satin Hutch Little Sprout 09.23.17 blue, lilac, otter
Upcoming Litters
KK Jellybean The Satin Hutch Sea Surfer 12.29.2017 black, blue, broken
KK Jellybean van H’s Mist 12.29.2017 black, blue, otter
KK Jellybean The Satin Hutch Sprout 12.31.2017 black, blue
KK Jellybean The Satin Hutch Safari 01.01.2018 black, blue
van H’s Chocolate Chip The Satin Hutch Excitement 01.03.2018 chocolate, otter
The Satin Hutch Zeki Sapp’s Yum Yum 01.04.2018 black, blue, broken
For Sale
Due to the high-demand for our stock, we recommend that you contact us to be placed on our waitlist. We occasionally have individuals come available that have not been spoken for and when we do, they will be listed here and on our Facebook page. Our prices start at $100 for youngsters with potential.
Show History
10.14.17 Monroe, WA Jessica Matheson van H’s Chocolate Chip BOV of 2
10.14.17 Monroe, WA Jessica Matheson Malvini’s Idaho BOV of 3
10.14.17 Monroe, WA George Germaine van H’s Chocolate Chip BOV of 2
10.14.17 Monroe, WA George Germaine van H’s Mist BOV of 3
07.08.17 Monroe, WA Cathy Dunkle van H’s Dice BOSV of 5
07.08.17 Monroe, WA Cindy Wickizer van H’s Dice BOV leg
04.22.17 Qualicum Beach, BC Allen Mesick van H’s This Ones For You Rick BOB leg
03.04.17 Enumclaw, WA Sarah Petersen The Satin Hutch ZACK BOV of 4
03.04.17 Enumclaw, WA Sarah Petersen The Satin Hutch ZEKI BOV leg
12.05.09 Monroe, WA Karen Lovett Clover Patch’s DEL 1 BOV leg
06.25.05 Ellensburg, WA David Kroenke Clover Patch’s Roxy 1 of 6 FUR class
05.07.05 Monroe, WA Jeff Jewett Clover Patch’s Roxy BOB leg of 25
04.23.05 Bremerton, WA Karen Lovett Clover Patch’s CP151 BOS leg
04.23.05 Bremerton, WA Karen Lovett Clover Patch’s Roxy BOB leg
12.06.03 Monroe, WA Fred Roberts Smith’s 1PYE Blue Jr Buck BOSV
11.22.03 Monroe, WA Roger Hassenpflug Smith’s 1PYE Blue Jr Buck BOS leg of 48
09.22.01 Kamloops, BC Fred Roberts Clover Patch’s SU02 BOB leg
09.22.01 Kamloops, BC Fred Roberts Clover Patch’s Canuck BOS leg
12.05.01 Mt Vernon, WA Clover Patch’s Canuck BOB leg
09.22.01 Kamloops, BC Kevin Rudolph Clover Patch’s Canuck BOB leg, Best 6 Class
09.22.01 Kamloops, BC Kevin Rudolph Clover Patch’s K02 BOS leg
07.07.01 Monroe, WA Vern Palmblad Clover Patch’s Canuck BOB leg
07.07.01 Monroe, WA Vern Palmblad Clover Patch’s KBZ BOS leg
06.09.01 Monroe, WA Linda Shuping Clover Patch’s KB2A1 BOS leg
03.31.01 Bremerton, WA Gary Fellers Clover Patch’s CP091 BOV leg
03.31.01 Bremerton, WA Gary Fellers Clover Patch’s CP0D0 Best In Show of 443
03.31.01 Bremerton, WA Gary Fellers Clover Patch’s CP0A0 BOSV leg

About Us

We are Steve(full-time teacher, greenthumb grower extraordinaire, builder and fixer of all things farm) and Marie(work-at-home web designer and artist, flock/herd manager and animal husbandry guru), and our farmhands are: Caleb, Levi, and Anna. Our children are still very young but they participate fully in our farm activities and their responsibilities continue to grow just as they do! Caleb and Levi take their jobs very seriously and these include: helping to collect eggs, harvesting fruits and vegetables, bringing the grain rations out to our lactating does, and most importantly, playing with the goat kids and farm cats and exploring the beautiful natural setting of our farm. Our farm is located in pastoral south Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Thank you for supporting our family farm!

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