Standard Autumn Box Arrangement

These showstoppers feature our mini pumpkins, gourds, and florals in a rustic reusable hand-crafted box made of solid wood. Please select size and colour preference at checkout. Click on photos for size and colour palette.

Available in the following colour palettes*:
Neutral/Soft (white/green/blush)
Yellow (white/green/yellow/blush)
Vibrant (white/green/yellow/red)
*Please indiciate palette choice at checkout. Palettes also include intermediate colour accents. Some colour palettes are no longer available in certain sizes. Custom palette orders are possible for an additional fee.

And available in the following sizes:
Mini – 16″ long
Standard – 24″ long
Deluxe – 36″ long

Arrangements will not be exactly as pictured.
Colours and combinations will vary.
All sales final and non-refundable.