Reference Does

van H’s Gracie Lou

Gracie is our first retained doe sired by our US import buck, Elfin Acres NB Flatline and from our most productive milker, Lil Bit Country Cyndi Lou. Gracie has moved to a new home herd, where she is the backbone of the milk production

Lil Bit Country Cyndi Lou

An easy keeper, Lil Bit Country Cyndi Lou VG86 2016 (Cedar Green Little Raven x Linwood SI Whiskey) is the offspring of one of the favourite milkers over at Yellowpoint. Not only is she a Raven daughter, she is a Thistle Creek Ebony Angel granddaughter and Cedar Green Twilight niece! Cyndi classified VG86 2016. Cyndi has a lovey udder floor, good rear attachments, good medial and she is our favourite for texture. She was our powerhouse milker in 2019 with her third freshening capacity at 5 weeks, 14 hour fill: 2.4 lbs (4 1/2 cups) which she held for weeks! 4th freshening capacity: 2.65 lbs, 5 weeks fresh.

 Outlaw’s Blue Taffy

With a lineage of friendly goats, this buckskin girl comes by her sweet and easy-to-handle personality honestly – never even needing to be trained to the milking stand! She has nice angulation and good sized teats and orifices with quick milk let-down. Linebred on her US sire Camanna FS Sudden Impulse who is known for milk production, she is moonspotted, polled and blue-eyed! In her first kidding with us as a 2nd freshener, Taffy raised her set of quads without assistance AND also fed the other 5-7 kids in the herd while we  milked her once daily for 3 months. Her third freshening capacity was 1.86 lbs on 12 hr hold, 6 weeks fresh. 5th freshening capacity: 2.1 lbs, 12 hour hold, 6 weeks fresh, feeding quads.

Lil Bit Country Southern Dawn

We are thrilled to have a Thistle Creek Ruby Tuesday girl in our herd. Dawn’s US imported sire is no slouch either; Camanna’s CIB Hennessy has a great dairy lineage. We freshened Dawn as a 17 month old. Her most notable udder feature that we are happy to see in our herd is her very long teats. Her udder is well attached in the rear. Dawn tends to produce stylish kids with dairy character. First freshening capacity 1.1 lbs on a 16 hour hold (twins), 2nd freshening capacity 1.43 lbs (5 weeks fresh, 12 hour hold, twins).


van H’s Miss Congeniality

Missie has a lovely conformation and animated dairy character. Excellent first time mom, she gave 1.03 lbs as first freshener at 5 weeks fresh, feeding twins.

Happy Hoof Acres Dixie

Dixie was always a shy girl but she came into her own with her first kidding and is a fantastic mother. She has nice length and depth of body and produced a steady 2 1/2 cups on a 12-hour fill for us at her peak as a first freshener. Dixie is a cou clair with blue eyes. She will soon be moving to Arbutus Acres as a foundation doe.

Linwood Hailey’s Comet

Hailey was our herd queen bee and character goat. This social girl was always getting into mischief and is a favourite with our children. She was a smaller-statured girl with blue eyes and good depth of body and rump width and she threw longer-legged daughters. She had a strong dairy lineage. She died of kidding complications in April 2019.