Reference Does

Linwood Hailey’s Comet

Hailey was our herd queen bee and character goat. This social girl was always getting into mischief and is a favourite with our children. She was a smaller-statured girl with blue eyes and good depth of body and rump width and she threw longer-legged daughters. She had a strong dairy lineage. She died of kidding complications in April 2019.

Happy Hoof Acres Dixie

Dixie was always a shy girl but she came into her own with her first kidding and is a fantastic mother. She has nice length and depth of body and produced a steady 2 1/2 cups on a 12-hour fill for us at her peak as a first freshener. Dixie is a cou clair with blue eyes. She will soon be moving to Arbutus Acres as a foundation doe.