christmas boutique

Rethinking conventional design, our florals are designed with biodegradable materials as much as possible.
What natural items we don’t produce on our farm, we source locally. Our designs are farmed, foraged, nature-inspired, and foam-free.


Visit our self-serve flower stand for shop for your last-minute gifts Dec 23rd and 24th.

16 232 Street, South Langley

Visit our flower stand

this summer for farm grown bouquets and arrangements! Our self-serve stand is open through the growing season.



Hyper-local wreaths made on wreath frames harvested from our farm, the”ready-for-pickup” wreaths below are each made uniquely, photographed, and listed here for a virtual boutique flower shop experience. They are are ready to go as they appear here.

To preorder wreaths for a later date, send us a note!

“I’ve always been enchanted by details, by small or insignificant ‘unspecial’ things in nature. My designs are born from a process of observation and gathering – drawing attention to exquisite details in nature and making ordinary things special.”

Marie grew up in horticulture, trained for design in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Canada, and continues to be inspired primarily by European design. 

Design tip

Mix and match pieces of different sizes

or display multiples of the same size in a row!