Why Nigerian Dwarfs?

Nigerian Dwarfs trace their ancestry back to West African origins, but their development for dairy qualities occurred later in Texas and is attributed to two breeders: Kathleen Clapp and Sharla Parker. The breed has seen more rapid development over the last 20 or so years and Nigerians have become known for their dairy qualities, friendly personality, and colourful coats (NDGA 2017). We chose Nigerian Dwarfs because of these breed traits. Our small children enjoy the sweet rich milk that is higher in butterfat content than other breeds. We appreciate the small size and gentle personalities of the goats around our little kids and the children of friends and family that we often have visiting. Their attractive array of coat colours make for many surprises at kidding time and the goats make wonderful pets as does and wethers.

Meet Our Nigerian Dwarfs

We are focused on breeding our registered Nigerian Dwarf goats for strong dairy character, conformation and production. We are carefully building our foundation herd with individuals bred by top Canadian breeders and descended from US imports. Our goats come from disease-tested herds, are free of CL abcesses and are tested CAE and Johne’s negative since 2016.

Graceland RJ Johnny B Goode

Johnny’s dam is the beautiful dairy queen, Thistle Creek DJ Penny Lane, and his sire is the noteable Poppy Patch HB Reuben James. He is a gorgeous petite boy with graceful appearance, animation, a strong topline and lovely length. Backed by a strong proven lineage (and beautiful foreudders!), we think Johnny will able to make good contributions to our herd.

Height: 20.75″

Cedar Green Cypress

Details coming soon!

Curl Creek Lone Blossom

Curl Creek Lone Blossom (“Fidget”) came to us on New Year’s Day 2019 from our friends at Footnote Farm. She has a strong lineage including her granddam, Thistle Creek Blue Ivy, and her sire, Hetlandcreek TT Lone Ranger.  Fidget gave us the perfect kids for her first freshening – a set of twins! She had a nice first freshening udder with good rear attachments and large teats and orifices. We look forward to seeing her develop. 

Milk Records
1st freshening: 1.43 lbs, 12 hr hold, 5 weeks fresh, twins
2nd freshening capacity: 1.60 lbs, 12 hr hold, 5 weeks fresh, triplets
3rd freshening: 1.78 lbs, 12 hr hold, 5 weeks fresh, triplets

van H’s Cosmic Junebug

We’ve been long waiting for our quad doelings out of Taffy by Elfin Acres F Hawthorne (EX90) , son of “Elite Status’ GCH SG The Lilac Twinkletoes, to join the milking lineup. These classy girls have a great deal of uniformity between them and are backed by one of our favourite udders in the herd. Junebug is quite the mini me of her mama, Taffy, and we were pleased with her first freshened mammary and capacity .

Milk Records
1st freshening: 1.6 lbs, 12 hour hold, 5 weeks fresh,  twins
2nd freshening: 1.77, 12 hour hold, 5 weeks fresh, twins

van H’s Little Ladybug

We’ve been long waiting for our quad doelings out of Taffy by Elfin Acres F Hawthorne (EX90) , son of “Elite Status’ GCH SG The Lilac Twinkletoes, to join the breeding lineup. The littlest of the quads, with a buttery soft udder.

Milk Records
1st freshening: 1.51 lbs, 12 hr fill, 5 weeks fresh, twins
2nd freshening: 

van H’s Maple

Yearling doe, from capacious milking lines with high butterfat. Electing to sell her because we are keeping a related doe. Friendly and easy-going, her grandma Cyndi Lou was one of our best producers. Related girls in our herd include Bailey, Cricketsong, and Sky Pilot.

van H’s Sky Pilot

An exciting yearlin first freshener for 2022, from Renegade Crickesong and Elfin Acres NB Flatline, she shows strong improvements on her mammary!

Milk Records:
1st freshening: 1.13 lbs, 12 hour fill, 5.5 weeks fresh, twins

Curl Creek Olivette

Animated and very dairy, we thank Curl Creek Farm for this girl, a Curl Creek Razzle Dazzle and Black Oak daughter. Olivette kidded easily with twins as a yearling first freshener, showing good maternal instincts. Unfortunately, we lost one of her kids to an E. coli outbreak, so her first freshening milk records are based on raising a single kid.

Milk Records
1st freshening: 1.14 lbs, 12 hour fill, 5 week fill


van H’s Holly

Our retained doeling from Outlaw Acres Blue Taffy and Elfin Acres NB Flatline. Back by a strong udder and prolific genetics, she was one of quadruplets!

van H’s Hazel

Animated and very dairy, she has a beautiful level topline.

Mik Records
1st freshening: 0.82 lbs, 12 hr fill, 5.5 weeks fresh, raising a single


van H’s Cherry

Sister to van H’s Hazel, Cherry carries nice rear width.

van H’s Ash

Ash first kidded in spring 2022 as a yearling and she was a natural as a  mom. Unfortunately, due to our E. coli outreak in our babies, she lost her single kid and we didn’t have a chance to do an udder assessement on her. Her dam was one of our highest poducers and we look forward to working with her in future.


van H’s Apple

Daughter of one of our favourites, Apple will freshen in spring 2023.

Nigerian Dwarf Availability & Sales Policy

2022 Pairings

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Graceland RJ Johnny Be Goode Curl Creek Lone Blossom March 23, 2022
Graceland RJ Johnny Be Goode van H’s Cosmic Junebug TBD
Graceland RJ Johnny Be Goode van H’s Ladybug TBD
Wonderland GJ Landslider van H’s Charlotte’s Web TBD
Wonderland GJ Landslider van H’s Honeybee Parade March 10, 2022
Graceland RJ Johnny Be Goode Renegade Cricketsong April 1, 2022
Elfin Acres NB Flatline Renegade Beetle Bailey TBD
Graceland RJ Johnny Be Goode van H’s Firefly March 20, 2022
Graceland RJ Johnny Be Goode van H’s Blue Mountain March 19, 2022
Graceland RJ Johnny Be Goode van H’s Queen Bess April 1, 2022
Wonderland GJ Landslider van H’s Snow Dome TBD
Graceland RJ Johnny Be Goode van H’s Sky Pilot TBD

Please join our waitlist to be notified of Nigerian Dwarf goats when they become available!  By filling out this registration form you will help us make the best possible match for future owner and goat, so please fill it out as fully as you can! Feel free to contact us directly with any questions you might have.

Our next kidding season will begin mid-March. Due to demand, we now accept pre-kidding reservations. Reservation holders will be given priority notification of available goats, followed by waitlistees. To place a pre-kidding reservation, please contact us. Don’t forget to read our Sales Policy!

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Pre-season Reservations: To begin the reservation process, please sign up for our waitlist. To complete your reservation, we accept a $50 non-refundable deposit per goat. Please read our Sales Policy in full and then send us an email to place your reservation. As part of your reservation, you may indicate preferred pairings or physical characteristics; but this is not something we can guarantee. We will contact you by EMAIL when we have confirmed our availability and you will have 48 hours to respond before we move on to the next in line. At this point, we would require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the purchase price to hold your goats for you. You may choose to pass and wait for the next available goats. The only time your deposit is refundable is if we don’t have the gender of your choice available. We understand that this is an exciting time for you and invite you to follow along with our kidding season through Instagram and Facebook! Please remember we cannot give you any information about your reservation until kids have been born and we have made our assessments. As breeders, we reserve the right to retain any animals we choose. Our gratitude to Yellow Point Farms for inspiring our reservation policy.

Available goats can be reserved with a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the purchase price. Bucklings and wethers are ready to go home with you at eight weeks of age and doelings will be let go when they are twelve weeks old. Goats should be picked up promptly or alternative arrangements should be discussed with us. Failure to pick up on time will result in forfeiture of your reservation.  ***Goats MUST NOT be kept alone. If bringing home a single goat from us, you must have at least one other goat.***

Our prices are as follows: $700-$1000 for registered doelings, bucklings, mature does, and mature bucks and $300 for wethers.

Your purchase of a goat kid from us includes registration with the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation and tattoos (for bucklings and doelings), disbudding, and vaccination for Clostridium Perfringens Types C&D and Tetanus.

Payments can be made by cash or e-transfer.


While we do our best with banding and disbudding, many parameters are out of our control once goats leave our farm; so we do not guarantee that kids will not develop scurs after disbudding and we don’t guarantee effectiveness of banding. We do not offer a health guarantee on goats beyond guaranteeing that they are generally healthy upon leaving our farm and that if we do happen have any health concerns or pertinent items we feel you should be made aware of, these will be disclosed and discussed with you at the time of sale. As livestock and living animals, goats can become subject to various ailments and issues through their lifetimes. We claim no liability or financial responsibility for medical or health issues once goats leave our farm; but we pledge our transparency and will support you as a source of knowledge, doing our utmost to educate you before, during, and after your purchase of a goat from us to the best of our abilities.